Welcome to Nouvelor!

Nouvelor (new gold in French) is the website dedicated to my activities and proposals in digital currencies and ledgers. I’m the author of a book on these topics in French and German, I’m also lecturer at the University, a speaker in conferences and a trainer with Atka training. I think that digital currencies and ledgers are the disruptive technologies of the 2020s, just like the internet in the 90s, the web 2.0 in the 2000s and the Uber and AirBnB model in the 2010s. You may have heard of these under the names of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or just Bitcoin?

Digital currencies and ledgers are in the process of being adopted by centralized organizations such as governments and companies, which will have an impact on our societies and our economies which goes far beyond the financial sphere. I am convinced that these they are going to become major value management tools and closely support the development of the Internet of things as well as artificial intelligence.

Money was the first pillar of our societies which has been challenged by the fundamental characteristics of blockchain: decentralization and transparency. For the first time in our era, the confidence that gives value to money does not necessarily come from a central bank but can come from individuals or organizations, and anyone can create their own digital currency.

Blockchain enables entities which do not necessarily know or trust each other to work, exchange, make decisions together without them needing to reveal their identity or use a centralized organization. New models are emerging allowing companies to gain in efficiency and transparency, and potentially whole sectors of our economy to do without intermediaries, as shown by the current development of decentralized finance.

You will find on this site a summary of my activities relating to digital currencies and ledgers as well as some training material:

Enée Bussac